Main outcomes from the 2024 Biomanufacturing Policy Summit

The annual meeting organised by EuropaBio, the European association representing the biotech sector, focused on discussions on the best ways to defragment and accelerate biomanufacturing in the EU, Biomanufacturing policies from other global regions were also addresses

EU’s actions on biotech and biomanufacturing

The European Commission released in April 2024 its proposals for the European biotechnology and biomanufacturing sectors. Actions are based on the identified barriers and challenges still to be solved, among which are these are research and technology transfer, regulatory complexity, access to finance, skills, value chain obstacles, intellectual property, public acceptance and economic security


How to favour access to new antimicrobials

A recent report from the Access to Medicine Foundation focuses on five late-stage projects targeting some of the most severe drug-resistant pathogens, with the goal to favour access to newly-developed drugs by single patients who needs them

How to boost R&I and attract more talents

The political agreement reached by the European Council on the final text of the Recommendation on a European framework to attract and retain research, innovation and entrepreneurial talents in Europe updates the 2011 R1-R4 profiles for researchers, and introduces the European Charter for Researchers, a revision of the 2005 European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers


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