Providing services with high added value, through integrated and evolved concept by Contract Manufacturing is the mission of Corvette Group Pharmaceutical Services which includes companies with specialized skills and extensive experience in pharmaceutical outsourcing

Giovanni Bernuzzi

Roberto Teruzzi, Managing Director

Corvette Group Pharmaceutical Services, established in 2009, is a holding company in the pharmaceutical industry that sets its own strategy on the acquisition of cutting-edge companies with deep technical and production know-how which is the final result of decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and that work exclusively for third parties. Biologici Italia Laboratories is the first company acquired by the Group in December 2009. Specializing in the production of injectable sterile liquid and lyophilisated products, the company’s history started during the ‘70s thanks to Dr. Filippo Serpero. A year after, in December 2010 the Group acquires Liosintex established in 1973, which provides services in bulk lyophilization for beta-lactam antibiotics, penicillin and cephalosporin. In July 2011 the Group acquires Edmond Pharma, established in the ‘70s and producing and developing Erdosteine, active substances and finished generic products.