Job is increasingly flexible also in the Life sciences sector, where fixed-term contracts of various types (administered, interim, freelance, etc.) are taking an important role. A sample of Italian workers have been involved in the research “Talents in the Life Science 2018” of Kelly Services, according to which about two thirds (67%) of the respondents work with contractual forms different from the permanent one. The research involved one thousand four hundred people working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and health services sectors in seven different countries (Italy, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Holland). UK (66%), Ireland (61%) and Germany (49%) are the countries that according to the survey still show the largest share of permanent staff. The dynamics underlying the phenomenon would be attributable to the ever-increasing role played by artificial intelligence, which has driven the search for human personnel towards ever more specific skills. According to the majority of respondents at the European level (72%), the role they currently play will be progressively automated over the next five years. Despite this, according to Kelly Services, the prevailing sentiment is that of experiencing this change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, an evolution towards the optimization of its results through increasingly innovative technologies.

The opportunities for flexible work

Greater freedom in planning private life (24%), the possibility of expanding knowledge / experience (17%) and the opportunity to change roles and places of work (14%). The possibility of verifying how much you really feel “suited” to a certain role or company culture and that of being able to easily change towards different figures or companies are other forces that emerge from the results that help to make fixed-term positions acceptable. On the other hand, the aspects related to the remuneration, mentioned only by 2% of the interviewed sample, are the tail light.

Medical liason officer

At the moment the figure of the Medical liason officer is the most remunerated on the Italian market (ral € 62 thousand, Kelly Services data); a figure that can aspire to even richer contracts in other countries, such as Germany (€ 77 thousand) or Switzerland (€ 94 thousand).