The European Commission released in April 2024 its proposals for the European biotechnology and biomanufacturing sectors. Actions are based on the identified barriers and challenges still to be solved, among which are these are research and technology transfer, regulatory complexity, access to finance, skills, value chain obstacles, intellectual property, public acceptance and economic security. Among the more significant measures impacting health biotechs, the Commission should launch a study to investigate the EU’s position compared to other global leaders in emerging biotechnology generation and transfer to the biomanufacturing industry. The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator (EU IBISBA) should be established as s a trusted digital repository and service network for the sector. Streamlining regulatory pathways is another key objective of the proposal, aimed to reduce fragmentation, explore potential simplification, and shorten the time to market. The Commission will also support structured exchanges with stakeholders to accelerate the uptake of AI, and in particular Generative AI.