EMA published the results of its fourth communication perception survey, run in September 2022. The overall appreciation was very high, as 93% of respondents find EMA’s communication important or indispensable. Suggested improvements include the means used, the availability of translations and accessibility. Among the less known EMA’s communications tools are the Agency’s YouTube channel, Twitter and the AskEMA service. EMA’s communication materials are disseminated mainly internally within respondents’ organisations (82%), or externally through social media (36%) or the organisations’ websites (34%).

More than a half of respondents (56%) read EMA communications at least once a week. Perception of the quality of EMA’s communication is positive for the majority (72%) of respondents. As for transparency, 35% indicated EMA was more transparent that other regulatory authorities, 27% indicated the same level of transparency and 6% a lower level; a further 32% of respondents did not express an opinion.

The engagement with stakeholders was deemed sufficient by 57% of respondents and better compared to other regulators by a further 25%. A positive opinion was also expressed as for EMA’s efficiency in coordinating important public information within the EU regulatory network through the early notification system (ENS) and distribution of lines-to-take (LTT) on key issues.

Source: EMA