IDC predicts that the Global Datasphere will grow from 175 Zettabytes by 2025.

IDC has defined three primary locations where digitization is happening and where digital
content is created:

  • the core (traditional and cloud datacenters)
  • the edge (enterprise-hardened infrastructure like cell towers and branch offices)
  • the endpoints (PCs, smart phones, and IoT devices)

The summation of all this data, whether it is created, captured, or replicated, is called the
Global Datasphere, and it is experiencing tremendous growth.

By 2025 connected users will be 75% of the world’s population – children, elderly and emerging market citizens included – hurry up to understand how strategic the development of technologies (such as 5G) can increase so more secure connectivity and accessibility of data from portable devices in real time.

Will the bolckchain really protect us?

The explosion of the dimension of the Datasphere implies an unprecedented vulnerability of the information. The blockchain – synonymous with decentralization, transparency, security and immutability – could be the technology to bet on, because it provides a secure architecture for data exchange and sharing, leaving information to its legitimate owners.

How much are our data worth?

And here comes the beauty! Because if the individual becomes aware of the value of their data, it acquires a huge bargaining power. For now, in fact, consumers provide their personal data very easily, but, as Steve Jobs said, “If the service is free, the product is you” and this people have started to understand it and the companies as well, running to repair, and in fact starting the trade in personal data, which probably will be based on cryptocurrencies. How fair this trade can be is easy to guess: the individual will not be able to win or even just draw the tough challenge against the multinationals!
What is configured is really a future in which “data is the new oil” and where it will be necessary to gear up to avoid being overwhelmed – at all levels – by this impetuous avalanche.