The European Medicines Regulatory Network (EMRN) is the first international regulator recognised as a ‘single entity’ and designated as a ”Regional Regulatory System”. The EMRN was designated in May 2024 as WHO Listed Authority (WLA) by the World Health Organization (WHO). The designation covers each individual regulatory authority of the EMRN, as well as the EMRN overall. The network is composed of the the European Commission, EMA and the 30 national authorities of the European Economic Area Member States. The designation as WHO Listed Authority is a recognition of its advanced level of performance, in compliance with all the indicators and requirements specified by WHO. The WLA initiative aims to ensure the best possible use of limited global regulatory resources by facilitating reliance on the work and decisions of trusted regulatory authorities. WLAs listed regulators can be used as a reference point by other regulatory authorities that lack the resources to perform all functions, or which have not yet reached higher maturity levels for medical product oversight.