The 2012 has gone and we are staring to face the 2013, the big glaciation year. How was the last year and what the pharmaceutical experts and the leaders foreseen for the next future are the subjects of this article

Caterina Lazzarini

During 2012 there was the consolidation of the trends, already under way in the last decade: the importance of the emerging markets incremented whilst the mature ones suffered under the patent cliff and the price cuts. As a consequence the pharmaceutical companies have started to rethink themselves changing business models and organizations.

Nowadays the pharmaceutical industries have to operate in a completely new scenario and have tried to adapt their business models to a new health care environment: no more doctors as interlocutors, but payors, the distribution channels become more and more complex, and also the genericists become market competitors as important as brand drug companies. The business isn’t guaranteed by 3-4 mayor brands any more, but it is linked to larger number of smaller brands with multi-indications, the number of launches in a year grow from 1-2 to 4-6. Also the focus is changed as it has moved from mature to emerging markets and the primary care area was left for the specialist care.