Planetary Health

The Lancet claims in its Manifesto the need for a profound revision of health politics at a level higher than the global one. A new era of Planetary Health should take care of the entire ecosystem in order to be truly sustainable

Giuliana Miglierini

In year 2000 the Millennium Development Goals Declaration of the United Nations set forth a wide list of ambitious endpoints in order to fight against poverty and launch new politics of equitable and sustainable development. The Declaration has been signed by 189 countries; a deep analysis of the current situation and the consequent revision of the goals is scheduled for 2015.

The leading magazine The Lancet is deeply involved in the proposition of a new vision of health politics to be included in the next year’s revision of the Declaration: its Manifesto for a Planetary Health1 has been published in March 2014 and calls for the involvement of a ‘social movement to support collective public health action’.