“Giving substance to your ideas”: these words sum up the commitment to its customers by Novinox, a company that for over 50 years, has been designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food industries

Giovanni Bravo

Novinox s.r.l. was established in 1956 by Angiolino Bonvini, joined in the ‘70’s by his son, Alfredo Bonvini, who is the current President. He himself, in the company’s headquarters in Nova Milanese, introduces the company to Pharma World Magazine readers together with his sons Fabio and Daniele, representing the third generation of the family of entrepreneurs: «Initially directed to the petrochemical sector, since the early 60’s, the activity has pointed to the pharmaceutical industry, which since the 70’s, in conjunction with my entry in the company, has become Novinox core business».

What are your reference markets?

As I was saying, our core business is represented by the pharmaceutical industry, to which over 80% of our production is devoted, followed by cosmetics, chemical and food in general. The customer portfolio includes companies of all types and sizes: from almost all major multinationals to midsize and even small local businesses. Over time, Novinox has been able to market thanks to the quality of its products and its ability to constantly be at the forefront of technology, developing and proposing innovative solutions both for powder mixing and their handling for the production of liquids in cleanrooms. Recently, we are also expanding our presence on foreign markets, European and non- European, especially in the Mediterranean Area and the Americas. Export already represents about 20% of our turnover and its further development is one of our goals for the near future.

What are the strengths of your proposal in the pharmaceutical industry?

For decades the pharmaceutical industry has been considering Novinox as a qualitative and reliable partner, with highly specialized know-how, which is expressed in the constant discovery of new technological solutions and best quality of our products. Moreover our production is a largely niche production that, even if starting from a standard basis, is actually composed of special machines with high degree of customization and solutions that from time to time are customized to the specific needs of each client. This very customer oriented approach, characterized by flexibility and willingness to collaborate with our customers, is what we wanted to express in the motto “giving substance to your ideas”, which identifies our mission: to put all the company’s skills and human and technical resources at the disposal of customers in order to offer concrete solutions to the needs of its production process.

How is your range of production divided?

It is divided into three areas: powder and granular (mixers), liquid, fatty phases, creams and gels (dissolvers, reactors, emulsifiers, melters) and handling (lifting columns, tanks, bins, storage barrels, stainless ). Our production processes fully cover all stages of the product life-cycle, from conception to after-sales service: design, manufacture and assembly (processing and forming, welding, cleaning/electro-cleaning, finishing), testing and validation, shipping and installation, training, training manuals, maintenance and technical assistance. In machine design and implementation our research devotes particular attention to the development of technological solutions which make them easier and safe to use by the operator (e.g. for loading and cleaning) facilitating operations and reducing production time and maintenance.

What is your Quality policy?

The company Quality System is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and the high value of the product is guaranteed by rigorous quality control throughout the production cycle, from building according to GEP (Good Engineering Practices) and cGMP Guidelines issued by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and by the certification of all materials and each component in use as well as ATEX certification and validation, FAT/SAT and IQ/OQ protocols and validations. Construction materials are almost totally stainless steel AISI 316L and 304L, giving the customer the possibility to choose different materials and finishes. All machines can be equipped with PLC, operator panel and software created by us for the customer. Even the machine’s electronic level is customized according to the customer’s requests.