Albumedix is the newly born independent biopharma company, fully owned by Novozymes and created in order to continue to develop its market leading position within recombinant albumin-based products and technologies. Albumedix’s recombinant albumins are used in the pharmaceutical industry to stabilize drugs and vaccines. Albumin can also be used to extend the half-life of pharmaceuticals to prolong the drugs’ effect. Albumedix will offer a first and second generation version of this drug delivery technology under the name Veltis.

The new company will be directed by CEO Peter Rosholm, who previously headed Novozymes’ Biopharma business. «Over the past nine years, our work in albumin has resulted in a series of new discoveries and technologies, which have led to agreements with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies», says Thomas Videbæk, executive vice president for Business development at Novozymes.