The new centre for blood collection and research in rare genetic diseases has been launched in Tirana, Albania, on September 13th. The centre is the result of an health cooperation project between Albania and Italy, a partnership including the MAGI-onlus, the Albert Schweitzer Association, MAGI-Euregio Coop. Soc and the Albanian DHVGJ blood donors association, with the support of the Albanian Ministry of Health. The new labs are equipped with PCR in order to rapidly diagnose collected blood for the presence of diseases such as thalassemia, cystic fibrosis or hemochromatosis. A new Preventive Medicine Centre shall also open in the near future. The project aims to fight genetic diseases, specifically those linked to blood donations and collection and to the production of hemo- and plasma-derivatives, such as albumin, immunoglobulines and coagulation factors.