The results from a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded Phase 1/2 clinical trial on PLacental eXpanded (PLX-PAD) cells in the treatment of muscle injury have presented. Aim of the study to assess safety and efficacy of the treatment. Based on the results, PLX-PAD cells were safe, and statistical significance was reached for the primary efficacy endpoint, the change in maximal voluntary isometric contraction force of the gluteal muscle at six months after total hip replacement. Briefly, a total of 20 patients were enrolled and were randomized into three treatment groups and each patient in the group was given an injection in the gluteal muscle that had been traumatized during surgery. Patients in one group who received a 150 million cell dose showed a 500% improvement over the placebo group, while patients treated with a 300 million cell dose showed a 300% improvement over the placebo. Results of the trial demonstrate that PLX cells may be efficacious in the treatment of orthopedic injuries including muscles and tendons.