The Data Analysis and Real World Interrogation Network DARWIN EU has reached twenty partners (public or private institutions) from 13 European countries. The Network aims to generate real-world evidence (RWE) from sources such as hospitals, primary care, health insurance, registries and biobanks to support regulatory activities of EMA’s scientific committees and national regulators in the EU.

The current capacity of the DARWIN EU network refers to data from approx. 140 million patients across Europe, which are converted into a common data model. Data are stored and analysed locally to ensure the maximum level of protection of personal data. 

Since the establishment of the Network in 2022, 14 RWD studies have been completed and eleven are ongoing. The plans for the next couple of years include the scaling up of the output of studies, and the on-boarding of some ten new data partners in 2024, and another ten in 2025. The final objective is to deliver over 70 RWD studies this year, and over 140 studies per year from 2025 onwards to enhance more data-driven decision making on medicines in the EU.

Source: EMA