A new biotech facility for Ferring


Ferring Pharmaceuticals is going to invest approx. CHF 30 million to built its new Ferring Biotech Centre, located at the company’s existing headquarters and manufacturing site in Saint-Prex, Switzerland.
The operation intends to improve the company’s capabilities in biologics over the next three years; the new Centre will incorporate the already existing discovery and development capabilities for monoclonal antibodies as well as biologics manufacturing capabilities.
According to the company, the new Ferring Biotech Centre will host the discovery, development and manufacture of new biologics, as well as the manufacturing of the active pharmaceutical ingredient follitropin delta, the company’s latest fertility treatment launched on the market.


Ferring is committed to investing in innovative technology platforms to create new solutions for patients in our core areas of reproductive medicine and women’s health, gastroenterology and urology,” said Michel Pettigrew, President of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals. According to Pettigrew, this significant investment in state-of-the art manufacturing and development technologies fits the strategy to address unmet patient needs in core areas of the company, and will also open up additional opportunities.