Next generation biotech could allow 200 years to live in the coming years. Based on Kris Verburgh, medical doctor interested in preventative medicine and aging and author of The Longevity Code “In the near future, we will see a new biotech age unfolding, in which our health, bodies and lifespan will drastically change”.

“People – explains the Belgian researcher – want to survive: it is an evolutionary instinct, in fact. I think that many would be interested in lengthening their lives, provided they can still enjoy it, that they remain healthy and ideally young as well ». And the search for senolithic drugs, which slow down the processes of cellular senescence to delay the appearance of diseases typical of the elderly, is precisely the direction towards which many laboratories are being directed to. The European Commission is investing resources in research and innovation projects dedicated to the management of aging.

Is it really the future we want?

“What I have understood in the end is that the future [as understood by the transhumanists NdR] does not exist or exists only as a hallucinatory simulacrum of the present, a comforting fable, or a terrifying horror story that we tell ourselves to justify or condemn the world in which we live, the world built around us, moved by our desires, in spite of our reasonableness”.