Since last year, with the acknowledgment by Farmindustria of the indications of the deontological code of the European Federation of the pharmaceutical industry (Efpia), the associated pharmaceutical companies are called by 30 June to report and publish – using the appropriate form – the transfers of value made in the previous year for donations, training events, services and consultancy, as well as those for research and development.

GIMBE main Report data

In 2017 the average value of transfers per company was € 20.58 million (within a range of € 8.1-41.9 million), with an average impact on sales of 2.9% (0.8-4.3%). The Gimbe Foundation has also prospectively estimated the possible value of the total transfer of all companies associated with Farmindustria, equal to about € 550-580 million.
About a third of the transfers to healthcare professionals were published in aggregate form (€ 15.1 million), following the failure to consent to publication by interested parties. Of these, about half ( 8 million) were allocated to events and the same number (€ 7.9 million) to services and consultancy.
There were just under fifteen hundred healthcare organizations that received transfers from the fourteen companies considered in the report, for an average amount of € 8.9 million (range € 2.0-24.2 million). More than half of the funds went to service companies (56.6%, € 70.6 million), followed by scientific societies (14%, € 17.5 million), by universities (6-8%, € 9 , 9 million), from hospitalization facilities (€ 8.7 million) and research organizations (€ 7, 4 million).
Forty-eight organizations each received more than half a million euros (3.2% of the total, 39.7% of the transfers), twenty-one those that received more than 1 million euros (1.4% of the total, 25 % of transfers).
As regards transfers dedicated to research and development (on average € 8.4 million per company, in the range 1.2-20.3 million), the Efpia code does not require companies to further detail the types of recipients (operators and / or organizations) and the specific intended use (fees, travel and accommodation and other expenses).