Smart PillsOne of Frost and Sullivan’s most recent Technical insights highlighted how the smart pills market and industry are set to boom in the next few years, driven by a growing demand for more accurate and less invasive analysis technologies that a number of producers are now already striving to meet

Roberto Carminati

The newly-published Innovation in smart pills, a report that Frost & Sullivan included in its Technical insight series, focuses on one of the promised lands and new frontiers that diagnostic and therapeutic applications are about to face in the near future. According to the global market analysis company’s forecasts these solutions are set to rocket in the next five or seven years, reaching their peak, both in terms of value and volume, by 2018-2020. What Frost & Sullivan labels as smart pills is a new generation of capsules and tablets equipped with a number of innovative micro-sensors, imaging and wireless communication chips that can easily be swallowed by any patient. And that, being able to exchange data and images with dedicated hardware and software solutions, can also perform a most accurate monitoring of a patient’s health.