BioXcel Corp., a global company specialised in providing cloud-based solutions for discovering novel products, has announced the initiation of a big data project with biopharmaceutical company Alexion to characterize and prioritize pertinent sets of rare diseases for relevant therapeutic modalities. The project will utilize BioXcel’s Big Data Innovation Lab, that applies recursive mapping and big data algorithms. Alexion activities focus on delivering life-transforming therapies to patients with severe and life threatening disorders.

BioXcel’s proprietary Orphan Disease Suite encompasses more than 9,000 rare & ultra-rare diseases, 4,000 -5,000 associated genes, 1,500 disease pathways, and distinct target-indication tiles for antibody, protein, RNA, small molecule and gene therapy modalities. A live multi-dimensional platform enables partners to make informed decisions for a rare disease indication and the associated ideal mode of pharmacotherapy with parameters that include strategic, medical, scientific and commercial aspects.