The PA Milano is available in 15-18-20-23-25-30-32 station versions: Off. Mecc. f.lli RONCHI has improved the famous PA, much appreciated on the pharmaceutical and foods markets. The high technological level and the solid structure make it suitable to satisfy medium productions with a high degree of quality both in the chemical-pharmaceutical field and in the food one.

The external structure consists of stainless steel panels and doors in transparent polycarbonate which are completely hoistable and allow a simple maintenance, an easy accessibility for change in format and mechanical operations; the internal covering is made of sound-proofing material, which overcomes the environmental noise.

The machine is equipped with the electronic control system “Evolution System Press”, which detects the compression force on each punch and the average compression force for each turret round. The control system interacts directly with the dosing unit to keep the tablet weight constant and rejects single tablets outside the pre-set tolerance limits.

The PC with touch-screen interface in various languages provides safe and easy access to control the press groups for setting the parameters for dosing, compression force, press speed and feeder speed. All machine alarms and other status information as well as other production data is displayed on the screen.

The following optional are available: various coverings for the die-holder plate, kit of lubrification with magnesium stearate and kit of lubrification for the production of effervescent tablets.

All our tablet presses are in compliance with the GMP directives and with the international safety standards.

Marking CE on every machine.